About Us
Hi, My name is Pam,(Right) And my Husband, ( The Goofball) is Meiko.

I just want to say welcome. I wanted to start our on journey of Self Healing after meiko lost his mom to cancer September of 2019. Meiko came from a wonderful mother who taught him many ways, He grew up Between Alabama living in small towns, With that, His mother was part of many groups, Thus meiko growing up with his mothers genes. Sure does show it too! He welcomed me into his life with open arms and taught me many things that i am grateful to have today. I have learned how to heal myself aswell. As for me, I grew up in a small town in Georgia, I have always been drawn to the Celtic side of living, But not being able to dive into it where i lived at the time.

Having spent most of my life going through school and achieving my Criminal Justice degree in college i decided what my passion is.


Everyone heals in their own way, I just want to do my part in what i can. I have learned a lot about my own spirituality, and i hope that i can help you on your way as well.